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25th May 2012


Wow what am I allowed to ride the bus with you and kick their asses

Roundhouse kicks to their faces.

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24th May 2012

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girl what does this mean

it’s like I don’t even know what to say

but if you can remember that much of your dream that detailed then perhaps that can be interpreted as you seeing life around you very, very clearly and truthfully (are you keeping a dream journal? Either I just don’t write with much detail about my dreams or you were awake in your dream or something b/c that is so bizarre but cool).

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16th May 2012


oh and I’m sorry I suck I’ll stop

yeah that’s right go away

jk I love you

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13th April 2012

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I mean your compliments and kindness ;u;


I just love you ok

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13th April 2012

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Using one of Krystal’s doodles for my icon

It’s pretty neat. U jelly?

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13th April 2012

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aww I love these! And yes the colours you picked are very nice.

Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!! <333

Every time this is just a huge ego boost c:


oh and I completely forgot, did I share this with you already?

ALTHOUGH IT’S TOO LIGHT and the face can look sorta scary but I mean it’s really old (from when I was just starting this stuff) so I’m assuming I shared it already lol

This is my ego boost of the day now oh my goodness I am so flattered no I never did seee this it actually looks like me I am screaming

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13th April 2012

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Krystal I have a whole tag on my tumblr dedicated to you →

did you know that

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13th April 2012

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Boring touchpad doodles!!!!!! Because this has mostly been my week. I’ve been practicing more with landscapes than anything (and colour schemes CAN YOU TELL)…

So these are some doodles that took like 20 minutes because I still have no tablet. But I’m probably just going to get a mouse to hook up with my laptop because I am KILLING MY TOUCHPAD IT IS DYING. 


oh yeah uhm… I have traditional sketches but they aren’t scanned. I usually scan stuff on campus and haven’t gone because family dramas but as soon as I go back I shall scan away~

Can I just

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18th March 2012

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Ok so today Krystal and I went to a Movie/CD Exchange and we issued a remix challenge against each other. So, we picked three CDs at random, then a movie. We have to mix the songs together and add a quote from the movie. Best one wins.

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29th January 2012

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anusbar said: Dear Dyha, I heart you. You have a nice everything. You make me happy! You should hang out with me. Someday I will buy you tacos. You + me = BFFFS. If I saw you now I’d hang with ya. I want to hang with you. I would build a bear just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be something awesome! We could sit under the stars. Love, your bestest friend (P.S. I hope you like the chocolate I sent you.)

I heart you so much :)

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6th November 2011

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